2016: Glancing Back.

The Past 13 months  

~December 2015-December 2016~


  • December
  1. Lived in Songtan, South Korea
  2. Visited Roda, Spain
  3. Came back stateside after 1 ½ years way
  4. Drank a Chick-Fil-A milkshake for the 1st time in two years
  5. Ax to root.
  • January
  1. Wrote “Near the Broken Hearted” and “Intricacies” 
  2. Visited family property with Mom for the first time!
  3. Found Cherokee Baptist Church 
  4. The roots are here still. I’m breathing still.


  • February
  1. First Hot Yoga Class
  2. Started the 30 Day Yoga Challenge 
  3. Started Painting Business
  5. Wrote another song (..or two or three)
  6. Road Trip Alone in TN to visit friends
  • March
  1. Started working at Starbucks
  2. Finished 1st in the 30DYC
  3. Started 200 HR YTT
  4. Wrote “Alive Forever”
  • April
  1. Started my own phone plan
  2. Bought my first smart phone
  • May
  1. Paid cash for my car
  2. Joined CBC
  3. Started walking Dogs for Kristin
  4. Record BEST organic spring garden


  • June
  1. Spent a month in Israel
  2. Fell in love with the Mediterranean 
  3. ..and Tahini
  4. Bess and Davis announce Baby Miller #3 
  • July
  1. Reunited with the WHOLE family first time in two years
  2. Wrote “Steady”
  3. Sick for a whole day since I don’t remember! 
  4. Roots drive deeper.
  • August 
  1. Fullfilled a life long dream to sing the national anthem for an important occasion. 
  2. Beach with Brookie!
  3. Met new kindred soul, reunited with two other kindreds. 
  • September
  1. Finished 2nd place at Madlife! 
  2. Beach beach beach
  • October
  1. Turned in my 3 weeks at SBux
  2. Patio at MadLife Stage and Studios 
  3. Started Training at RightWay Health and Wellness
  4. Began deeper study of neurology and all things quantum related
  5. Introduced to the wonderfulness of essential oils
  6. knit a butt ton of hats for local INCU babies
  7. And still the roots search for those deep wells.
  • November
  1. Made it to the quarter finals
  2. Wrote “Wholly United”    
  3. Finished “The Broken Way”
  4. Graduated New Day Yoga
  5. Retreat with CBC clan 
  6. Hiked Black Rock Mountain
  7. 1st Thanks Giving Home in 2 years
  8. New Presidency!
  9. Ended career as a dogwalker


  1. Sponsorship relationship with some Asian children started
  2. Album written! (YES!) 
  3. Book to illustrate in motion
  4. Got my horizontal Drivers license!
  5. Performed in Christmas parade
  6. Performed at a Christmas event in the park
  7. Switch on your brain–Science is catching up with Scripture. 
  8. Monastic life: rhythmic discipline fosters robust growth which supports divine happiness. 
  9. Completed a total of 6 ½ books (not including my Yoga homework/research and the Bible):(“1,000 Gifts” (3rd time through), “Switch On Your Brain”, “The Broken Way”, “The Greatest Gift”, “Just Do Something”, “The Emotion Code”)… and I’m forgetting one. . . 
  10. Tender new Unfurling slow now. Water is nearer than  ever.



Miscellaneous Noteworthies:  The EndNotes

  • Stopped biting my nails, Worrying (so toxic) and staying up too late. 
  • Heart glass to God–Call to live always honest and awake to now. 
  • Learned about my God given personality and the magnificent strengths and plundering weaknesses (aka. HARD CORE “svadhyaya”).
  • Key goal: Balance and Acceptance. Work with what you’ve got, not against it. 
  • I finally know that I know that I know how to nourish my body/mind. Its been a battle. 
  • Chomping at the bit to go travel and see (or live) somewhere new. 

new path: keep it simple.





And so this is the crescendo.

This final Au revoir.

The fanning of blank white pages on the face whispers: new chapter. 

That decaying oak that was chopped down last winter, maybe God recycles. Maybe the canvas for the new chapter wasn’t made of anything except that bark; those branches.


New Woman.

New Path.

New journey.

 New Blog! : https://reveillermoncoeur.wordpress.com/

THIS ENDS all I’ve relished 2013-2016.

Taking flight!

Into the bright starry eyed sky.


Fresh and waiting.


Goodbye and bonne nuit!

Affectionately, poetically, and brightly yours,


P.S. please feel free to share my poems, rambles, or any nugget of light you may want to keep.

RL isn’t going anywhere for now.

or for ever, really.


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