Dawn of Today.

Good morning Lord.

Im here, I pray.

I try uttering with words what my heart thuds away.

I can’t even see what questions it holds.

They’re deeply rooted, tucked within the folds of this soul.

You see me naked, I’m raw. I’m bare.

Why waste my breaths pretending that you’re looking elsewhere?

Nakedness of soul is hard for me to see,

Im very good at hiding myself from me.

Draw me deep, help me breathe.

Show me who you’ve created me to be.

I long to be whole more than anything

and so far I’ve learned that most healing come through agony.

Im ready Lord, begin again.

purge my heart of every wicked intent.

“Walk with me”  my Father said.

So onto my feet, I roll out of bed.

Throuh sleepy eyes I see sun

Before I was here, this day has begun.

The heart starts to sing as the Trekk inclines

Breathing comes precious expansions inside.

Atop the hill The fields unspool

all greens and every gray imaginable.

Panting faintly by the trickling creek

eight tiny hoofs stoop low for a drink.

two flecked with white, purity’s kiss

the other two leap ore fallen trees; effortless.

crows moan, and sparrows swoon.

distant town is waking too.

rays bleed through sheets of fog

gently caress the morning joy.

I hear the shadow passing over me

tiny flock of  black birds flapping against the breeze.

And with all this to see , I still don’t hear

what Words He desires for me soul to bare.


Today Lord, even now, I’m listening.

i know Your voice, I hear Your wooing.

Give me the manna I need for today:

The mystery of dependency births life and strength.

give me faith to sustain

my every need for today.

and today alone is all I’m promised,

so I thank you Lord for this moment.

Speak to my heart, lead me to You

and not who I think you are or what I think I should do.

Forgive me for pride of doing what I know best,

and lead me toward everlasting, rich rest.





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