Joy Peom

Uncagable gladness

welled from the soul

ever flowing like blood

echoing pulse.


Unshakable peace

surging deep


uprooted serenity.


Open the lens and capture the life

breathing and beathing

on the wings of  butterfly


Foundation for joy

isn’t more than a choice



life changing song.


and to sing it freely

oh capture the beauty

richly encircling

your beating body.


Skeletal frame

burdened with shame

begin again, it’s a new day!

Dont give your hope away!


What holds more beauty

than that woman who smiles

grey clouds enfolding her

the contrast:

Beauty runs wild.


The unchanable gladness

This undying glee

begins and ends

with the thoughts that you think.


Joy is not fleeting or circumstantial

but the wellspring, the life blood

the remedy for impossible.


contentment and peace

two separate streams

but when they collid

Joy spills, floods.

Joy — invading.


Joy is choice

and choice is you

you find who you are by being truly–

absolutely you.


Open the windows–

look to see

listen to hear

speak to sing.


all things begin as seeds

joy blooms wherever it’s planted

tend to it

Nurture it with contentment.


It can take root in the foulest ground

and with every rain and thunder

roots grip further down


Infectious by nature

contagious by default

Embody the lightheartedness

contribute joy to the world.


Joy blooms when you trust

when you thank

when you slow

when you give

when you’re quiet

when you let go.


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