Pursuit of Righteousness| always doing what is right.

Pursuing righteousness is doing what is right vs. doing what you want.

Righteousness (obedience) is always rewarding. You never regret doing what is right.

“Right” in God’s terms as quilled to us through His word.

It is a pursuit that can often be tainted by temptation and then compromised by indulgence. While in actuality the treasure of  peace hidden beneath such obedience is the most radiant of its kind; blindingly glorious joy; gold to a heart depleted by the fleeting cares of this world.

Like every breathing pulsing and beating being on the planet, I am constantly confronted with opportunities to make choices. Most every choice can be boiled down to these simple descriptives: One is ‘right’ and one is ‘wrong’.

Choosing what is right is like taking a step forward, inclined toward mountain peak. Once atop the vertical hike eyes will be raptured by the view drenched with glory. 360 degrees of sun, sky, landscapes of green, rivers doodled in and out and around pines and poplars. Reward that leaves you breathless.

The climb is difficult. Steep, lonely (usually), long, challenging. But always rewarding. One right choice at a time. You’ll make it to the top of the peak, where you can bask in the peace that God gives to those who love and obey Him.

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