“Donne-Moi la lune” | Translation 1

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I’ve started translating un livre de Francais pour enfants aujourd’hi.
For my own sake, I’m going to rewrite my notes here. I welcome any and all correcting and guidance through this process!
Donne-moi la lune “
en italien, en anglais ou en allemand,
un violoncelle se dit <<cello>>,
peut-etre a cause de cette historie . . .
Un contre de Roxane Marie Galliez
illustre par Cathy Delanssay
“A Mstislav Rostropovitch et Jean-Sebastien Back dont les notes soufflent si souvent sur mes mots. ” -Roxane
“Pour mes parents, Pierrot et Colombie a dix sept ans.” -Cathy
New words or phrases (ones I had to look up):
  • Violoncelle
  • Peut-etre
  • a cause
  • conte
  • “dont les notes soufflent”
  • “a dix sept ans”

My attempt to translate:


“Give Me The Moon”

in Italian, in English or in German, a cello says “cello” perhaps because of this story. . .

(2) A story by Roxane Marie Galliez

Illustrated by Cathy Delanssay

(3) “To Mstislav Rostropovitch and Jean-Sebastien Bach, whose notes blow so often on my words.” -Roxane

(4) “For my parents, Pierrot et Colombine to seventeen.” -Cathy

Those are the first two pages (inside before the story begins). I’ve already completed about 66% of the next two pages (I will translate the book in twos).

Je souhaite apprender beaucoup.

” J’ai dit à la lune que je t’aimais, elle m’a laisse l’apprivoiser.”


“I told the moon that I loved you, it left me with the tame.”

(I don’t think that is correct…)


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