Definitions and Thoughts

1. Simplicity: Freedom from complexity.

2. Purity: Freedom from guilt.

3. Clarity: Freedom from confusion.

4. Peace: application of all of thee above.

Striving for an emptier fuller life.



“For if you have food and clothing, with these you should be content…” (1 Timothy 6) 

5. Contentment: freedom form ingratitude.

Thankfulness that satisfies. Safe house from poisonous gluttony.

The motion of the train guided the blue ink from my pen to quill barley legible squabbles that entertained my mind yesterday afternoon.

Bodies racing up and down steps, chasing the train before he takes off again. Rushing temples. Rushing to avoid collision. Train sped in fury over a bridge painted green. Neighboring train snuck up on the left, eyes shifted from tiny font in hand to acknowledge. Race begins.

Scenery bleeds together like a puddly watercolor. In the chaos of the motion, blurred lines and all, my eyes again raise and lock on a face staring at me from competitors window. Teddy in arm, head rested on glass. Not the slightest stretch of a grin. Pig-tails.

Race ends. And we’re left in the wake of his vain fury. Carrying a little heart from here to there, safely I’m sure, but some reason I wanted to switch trains and make sure she wasn’t alone. Help her find her way.

She reminds me of me.

Bodies all around. Machine puffing and puffing, racing, running to arrive at the next stop. And I sit, unsure. I sit. I go where the train goes, wanting to know the whens and where, but having to resolve to (defiantly) sit and go with it.

But life is immeasurably more simple when I trust and obey.

A grateful heart will give because she knows how much she has.

Fearless giving.

” Lord, Give me a quiet heart that does not ask to understand, but confident steps forward in the darkness guided by Thy hand.

A willing acceptance of all that God assigns and a glad surrender of all that I am…understanding the key to receiving the gift of a quiet heart. Whenever I have balked, the quietness goes. it is restored, and life immeasurably simplifying, when I have trusted and obeyed.

God loves us with an everlasting love. he is unutterably merciful and kind, and sees to it that not a day passes without the opportunity for new applications of the old truth of becoming a child of God.

This sums up the meaning of life. ”

-Elizabeth Elliot “Keep a Quiet Heart”

A heart that trusts is quiet. A trusting quietness that is strong enough to silence the constant invitation to meditate on ingratitude and fear.

Much still to learn about this screenplay life. I praise God for hearing my call for guidance, and bathing my parched heart in the cool life giving of Truth.

God breathed, relevant Truth.


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