The nature of ‘fruit’ is that it is a product. A unavoidable consequence to that which has been sown.

The type of fruit you produce in your life is dependent on how you tend, nurture, exercise your Soul/Spirit/Body entirely.

What do you feed your soul/spirit/body?

Fruit of apathy is laziness.

Fruit of discipline is strength.

Fruit of ingratitude is overindulgence.

The fruit gratitude is contentment.

Fruit comes no matter what you sow.

Don’t be concerned by the thought “I hope my life produces fruit!”.

I promise you, your life will produce fruit.

Ponder the questions (which can de thought as deeply as you dare to let it sink) “What kind of fruit is my life producing?”

What are my habits? My actions? How do I treat people? How do I spend the time given to me?

I realized today that I’ve been given a great capacity to learn. What am I doing with this privilege? I was challenged by that insight to do a few extra french lessons–tirelessly trying to articulate the poetic language. Because I can. And there is joy, hidden away behind the realization that even my interests and desires are gifts–tools given to me.

Fruit of studying new language: one day I’ll be able to speak to a whole new people group.

Abidance in Him: branch form the True vine. Baring fruit, fed by The Source of fruit/life.


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