K#28|Philippines Part 1

In the sky, suspended in space, mystery of mysteries that I was even there, sitting, thinking, praying. Praising. Flying!

49A flight PR 468 from Manila to Seoul.

Window seat A, shade pulled down to exclude pungent afternoon rays form the cabin. 6:30pm or 7:00pm and I peer out the tiny hole, a sliver of gold escapes, piercing through glass, reaching as far as 49 I. Tender kiss, inviting open shade. Open: raptured, luminous joy.

Below city blinking, batting eyes, glad to see us coming. Above a cosmic tick tack toe game, diamonds and silver, velvet black. Caught between the two light shows, Me, suspended in the sky, soaring with the glorious sun. Orange and brilliant. Bleeding orange brilliance. Close enough to touch. Heart stained by its glow.

Rich and real.

My eyes grew weary but would not shut them. Too much beauty for one heart to handle. I draw Hannah near, nose pressed to thick glass, she shares the joy and captures the moment in her mind.

I am still stunned, even as the orange is diluted by the rising night. Rapidly fading, velvet spreads and diamonds scatter, illuminating, city dancing, welcoming us back home.


Seoul, heart and soul. With my whole heart.


It is so amusing. How beautiful it all is. Why? He loves beauty. He makes beautiful things. He is beauty.

Father, You are Beautiful.

Rich and Real.



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