Photos of Lydia.

I’ve decided to affectionately call her Liddy.

I don’t know is she likes it or not, but it fits.

IMG_5820 IMG_5829 IMG_5832 IMG_5833copy IMG_5851copy IMG_5859 IMG_5863 IMG_5879 IMG_5888 IMG_5898 IMG_5903 IMG_5907 IMG_5921


Jenny, look at how long my hair is!


IMG_5976 IMG_5984


Setting, moon rising. Paint brush swirls.

Good day so far. A little lazy, what with editing photos and stuff. Still cannot sing, which was torture this afternoon as I was watching Mulan with Evvie…*lip syncs “I’ll make a man out of you!”*

It is my auntly duty.



4 thoughts on “K#23|Liddy.”

  1. Wow, your hair is getting long! Mine is too since I stopped trimming it. šŸ™‚ I REALLY want it to get shoulder length because I’m tired of not being able to put it up. Your posts are really good; much more active then my blog…I haven’t been posting anything, but hopefully that will change.


  2. I love you, I love your heart for God, I love how He shines through you, I love what He is doing in Your life, I love that you are letting go, with palms wide open!
    Your fan, Aunt Jayne šŸ™‚

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