K#21| Beautiful Scars

Beautiful Scars

On a tree / arms west to east / the brittle earth drinks Your sweet blood

Final breath resounds / veil falls down / Father now You’re here with us

Oh what a beautiful heart  / oh what beautiful scars

Weight of sin / crushed your bones / yet You caused grace to fall

When I defy / I try and hide / but I can’t escape you’re quite love

Oh what a beautiful heart / oh what beautiful scars

You hold this heart / with Hands that I scared

Bleed though I may / You’ve lived the cruelest pain

Your love for me

Takes my breath away

Rebellious heart / kept us apart / It was right for me to be condemned

All for love / You came down to us / to give your life for life of men

oh what a beautiful heart / oh what beautiful scars


The photo I used here was taken last autumn during one of my sorta-routine sunday afternoon drives with Mom. We were wandering through the mountains. Dad was in the X-terra behind us (maybe I was riding with him?). We were looking for property.

The most beautiful thing about this Korea  trip  I would  say most definitely has been the people I’ve met here.

Treasure Friendships that I pray will last a lifetime.

Some may, others may not. C’est la vie.

In the mean time, before farewells are formally due, I will enjoy this time with gratitude swelled heart. God has opened doors here for me to serve, encourage and love the people He loves. I believe He’ll continue to use me in that manner wherever I go.

It anguishes me to think of the nearing goodbye, but I find slight solidarity in the center of stormy emotions when I remember that He opened these doors in the first place (who would have thought I’d meet and do and be and serve in Korea like I am!) and will do so again when He leads me to my next destination. This is not the end–only the beginning.

Family, I keep saying it because it is true: I don’t miss you at all! My absence has enriched my love for you, but not insisted any pain or home sickness. I feel more secure here than I ever have before it my life! That to say this: life is changing. Anything could happen and i am now very open to be/live/do whatever and where He will lead me.

Don’t know what my life will look like, and i am somehow ok with that.

Beautiful, huh? I, Skylar, am not anxious about what my future will look like.

God knows best, and I’ve prayed that He would show me that. That He would let me see that I can trust him.

Still a working progress, but when I remember how I was feeling during the start of my trip (wanting to come home, doubting, knowing that I made a mistake by being here)  and comparing those emotions to the present reality of my extension, I am confronted with the undeniable evidence that He has work for me here. He has people that I need to know. He has hearts that need to be encouraged and loved. And I execute His instruction by first being close to Him. In that closeness I am most myself. In flesh I destroy relationships. With selfish ambition I ruin friendships, but with Christ centered posture and God seeking attitude I am able to love properly and encourage honestly.

Kisses from Korea.



One thought on “K#21| Beautiful Scars”

  1. Oh Sky, this is beautiful, your poem and your words. Yes, you and I cannot love without first knowing how much He loves us and accepting that love and “relish” in being His child. Only then can we truly and effectively love and pray for those that the world deems unloveable. Or that we may even not like or agree with. We can only serve with His great love in us. Thank you, I am praying for you and I praise HIM that Skylar is not anxious! What a beautiful thing you are doing, living life one day at a time and loving Him and His people. You have allowed God to bless me so, through you. I love you dearly,
    Aunt Jayne

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