K#19|Untitled Song

Veres1:The Beat of my heart is a beautiful song

That You orchestrated before I was born

You thought of my eyes and the shape of my smile

How beautifully they would let Your love shine

Chorus: After all

That is why I’m alive

To contrast a world so dark

and point all of the broken hearts

to You

and Your loving arms

Verse2: Exhale gratitude Inhale joy

Because I know nothing is in my control

You’ve loosened my grip on my finite plans

Lord help me rest in Your capable hands


Bridge:Search me and know my heart

Thank You for healing all of the broken parts

Threadbare and torn

You mend and refill

With Your love (for me)

Runneth over

It spills

Verse3: Sun smiles at the moon he smiles back

a perfect example of how I want to live

Search me and know me

Imperfect and warn

Help me reflect your beautiful heart


Maybe I can recruit some people to help me record it.




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