K#18| Brain Dump.

Life is a beautiful gift.

Don’t clutter it with words.

Pack one bag.

Make a good playlist.

Soul food songs.

Open your eyes.

Close your mouth.


Soak it all in.

Don’t let your heart complicate things.

Not much can stop it from feeling,

and you shouldn’t aim to suffocate your emotions

(unless they are wrong, or sinful).


Are you alive to merely survive?

Null existence wafting from one day to the next?

Doesn’t your whole being surge with energy at the thought of possibilities?


Anything could happen!

Don’t you want the fullest?

Then go!

What is stopping you? Fear? Lame excuse. Why give fear the time of day? Devours all. Glutton, I say starve him. Deprive the enemy of your anxiety.

Turn it into praise.


Thank You Father in Heaven for my feeble heart, delicate, cupped gently in your hands.

Weapon of praise is powerful.

Sharp tongues.

Guitar strings humming in my hears still.

Piano keys echo in my head.

Voices hollow in an empty church.

Sanctuary vacant.

Shoes shoved beside the piano, keeping time with my foot.

Off beat.

Oh well.

Bodies will cram in cold seats.

Side by side, but never touching.

Stand and sorta sway, but too afraid to exude any emotion.


These are Your people–why are we cold?

Joy where are thou?

If not in music, a praise song, an anthem of gratitude, then where?

Fall crept in, caught me by surprise.

Lovely surprise.

I’ve eaten way too many pretzels. 

Sorry Bess.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the clock on the 11th at 12:13pm. It would have been 10/11th 12:13pm ’14.

Confetti litters the sidewalks and streets outside. Brown, reds, gold crushed with pinecones and acorns.

Absolutely littered.

I had another urgency to kidnap a child today.

This tie time it was a little girl (3 maybe) bundled in her stroller. Beneath the weight of her many cozy layers, her little black pony tail (center stage) some how managed to protrude from her pink hood.

Chapped skin, so cuddly.

I really wanted to steal her.

Come to think of it, I had encountered a kindergarden class on a nature walk earlier.

Oh man.

Too much adorable for one person to try and carry on her own.

Someone help!

My eyes are burning.

Too late for computering.

I was just telling Bess how I’ve been convicted about my habits.

Up too late, too much computer, too many pretzels.

idle girl.

Open your eyes.

Close your mouth.

Watch the world.

Without a lens.

Wide open

wide open

wide open

Wide open

wide open

wide open.





143. Asian toddlers round and cheeky

148. Pretzels

149. Evvie’s apple pie heart

151.hollow voice

152. piano echo

153. People. All the peoples.


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