K#15|Take Heart

I’ve written this poem in response to the ‘outbreak’ of fatal dis-ease in our country.

While it is crucial to build your immune system in defense of ‘environmentally induced’ sicknesses that plague the physical body, it is of utmost importance  to nurture your spirit with a TRUTH which will withstand every tribulation imaginable to man.

Don’t forget about the sovereignty of God and His love which conquered, defeated, smothered, defied, triumphed, trampled, blistered (or whichever verb you would like to place here) death and its power on man.

Come Lord Jesus!

Take Heart,


Take Heart

Skylar Barger

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Chaos and pain

Evil will gain

But only as it may seem.

Evil will reign

But he will not remain,

Cling to The  King of Kings.

Weak and diseased

These bodies that breath

We choose to believe the the lies.

Forgetting the Author of all

In fear we turn our heads

We plug our ears

and close our eyes.

Hearts barley beating

Fear crippling

The world around us is turning to death.

Take heart believers

put on the mind of Christ

Don’t forsake Him; have faith

The powers that be prowl for now

But will soon cease to exists.

The ones whom He loves

Who love Him in return

Will not die, but forever live.

Take Heart

Don’t allow any stains to remain

from this world on your hands

Don’t believe the media

Don’t support their parades

But posture purity and faith in His plans.

He promised trouble

He predicted pains

Knowing that this earth is fading fast away

The trails are here

to refine out the fear

We glimmer to reflect Him clear against the rage.

He holds the ones who love Him

He cherishes their hearts

When we choose to walk away from God

That is when the real pain starts.

Take heart Christians

Do NOT exchange

The Truth in the Word

For the worlds unstable ways.

Do not be afraid of what is to come

Don’t forget, but remember:

The battle is won.

Encouraging verses to imprint on your heart: Proverbs 14:30, John 10:10, John 16:33, Psalm 91. 


3 thoughts on “K#15|Take Heart”

  1. Sky! This is beautiful and so anointed. I love it so much, thank you for sharing your love of Jesus and your gift of writing 🙂


  2. Sky- this is so revalant and touches my heart so. I had a friend die this week in Hospice from cancer (NOT Betsy). But I saw her looking one day and I asked if she saw an angel. She said, “Yes.” At that moment I felt like I was, “standing on Holy ground.” It was amazing and yes, this world is all messed up, but we have a great hope and a future which will be worth enduring anything we have to face here on earth. I love where JESUS says in John 16:33, ” ….. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

    Much love,
    Aunt jayne

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