I wrote this poem almost exactly two years ago. This is one of my favorite pieces of work. My hope is that the words written here might strike a chord in your heart as you contemplate the true origins of humanity as a God breathed, purposed and cherished creation. 


The Breath Of Life  

By Skylar Barger

September Sixth, Two Thousand Twelve


Inspired by Genesis 2:7

You formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of Life. Then the man became a living being. “


Dust and clay lay lifeless; dormant

Pale browns and greys, rest cold and silent.

In His heart sound a great pain.


“This earth We created, something is missing.

We’ve separated light and dark,

we’ve given place to  the planets, clouds and stars.

The roaring seas resound my greatness,

Beneath the woodland trees, the animals know my voice.

It is good! It is good! Who else can we share with?

What else can we include, who else would enjoy this?

Lets add one element, inspired my Our image.

Lets make them for Our delight, for Our embrace.

We’ll craft them so perfectly, love them so dearly,

know them so thoroughly, keep track of every heart beat. “


Dust and clay lay lifeless; dormant.

Pale browns and greys, cold and silent.

With His hands, He scooped up the dirt.

Crumbly earth fell through His fingers.

The dry brittle clay soon turned moist and soft

The lifeless dust starts to wake up.

He sculpted every finger in the palm of His hand

Every bone and every muscle, every hair on his head.

“Look what we’ve done!” He cradled the hollow body.

“Lets give him breath in his lungs, I want him to Know Me.”


Frail, no movement, quiet small human. Almighty God embraced the one He loved.

He held this lifeless form in His palm, with joy in His heart He said “To Me, you belong.”


Adam lay quiet, eyes sealed tight

The God of Heaven breathed into his nostrils The breath of life.

Then the man became a living being.

Full thinking, full breathing.

Full heart beating.


Dust and clay lay lifeless around him.

Pale browns and greys stay on the ground behind him

As he rises up, takes his first steps,

his toes sink in the fertile soil from which he came.



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