K#10|I am Mountain

Before you start to scroll down, open  this video in a new tab (for back ground music). 

Push play and wait for 20 seconds.

Good, ok now you may proceed. 


(..I just want you to get the most out of this experience). 

DSC04978 DSC04984 DSC05003 DSC05028K#15DSC05022

From top: Sunrise before we got to the top, stopped for a rest, south-east view from the top, sun filtered through the jap. maple leaves, through Daniella’s lenses, dragonfly. 

DSC05007 DSC05008 DSC05012 DSC05014

From Top: Hannah sharing her crackers with some weary fellow hikers, he was showing us the superb quality of is phone camera, Abby took a picture of them with it, then they took one for us with my camera (L-R: Abby, Daniella, Me, Hannah). 

DSC04940 DSC05034 DSC05011 DSC04987

From Top: Same south-east view the previous night, leaves dangling over a quiet creek, another SE view (little further back), Abby taking in the beautiful NW view. 

DSC04995 DSC04988 DSC04996 DSC04992

From Top: Through Hannah’s lenses, NW view (clouds interfered.. 😦 ), sentimental bracelets, Hannah drinking in the majesty of God’s ‘foot hills’. 

DSC05002 DSC05024 DSC04986 DSC05023

“I am mountain I am dust..”

DSC04943 DSC04956 DSC04942 DSC04963 DSC04966 DSC04961 DSC04944

These were all taken of the sunset the night prior. 

DSC05050 DSC05051 DSC05053DSC05048DSC05049DSC05055

After our hike, Hannah and I wandered around the resort. We found a very extravagant flower garden.

unnamed (5) unnamed (4) unnamed (2)

*These three photos  above were taken by and belong to another friend, Laura*

Hannah and I stayed in the garden for a little while to take a breath. We perched ourselves on a dewy swing and listened to some very good  music that fit the mood perfectly. The day was still  new and the air was still sweet with that wonderful mountain morning freshness. I’ve been craving for a very long time,  so it did my heart more than good to sit for a while and breath it in after a grueling vertical 1 1/2 hour-ish  hike.

Come to find out, Hannah and I have very similar taste in music.


unnamed (3)

This belongs to Laura as well. 

Hannah and I took the gondola up to a small cafe atop the SE mountains. The span of beauty before my eyes of course couldn’t be completely captured with a camera (even though Laura’s camera did a very fine job!). 


View from my room.

I love the shadows tucked in the folds of the earth and beneath the leaves. The texture and detail in nature are very inspiring to me. God is so artistic. 

Being away from modern conveniences and submerging myself in nature is always very humbling. I stand against a mountain and I feel so small. My body is so futile and hollow, too often sustained by pride and anxiety. I’d love to have the poised stature of a mountain. 

A mountain is the embodiment of confidence and solidity.

A peaceful mind- can you imagine what that is like?

Being enclosed by such an overwhelming span of ‘confidence’ for two days reminded me of how capable and sure God is. He constructed everything that is in a span of 6 days (Gen. 1:1), and I still choose to believe that my own strength is more efficient and capable than His.

I still believe the lie that I have control over what happens to my life. In some ways I do (taking responsibility for my actions and attitude), but thats really it. 

Thus far during my trip here, I can defiantly say that God has imprinted on my heart that I don’t need to plan my story. I’m actually coming to find out that I’m not supposed to have everything penciled out. I’m learning that the beauty in a new book is not knowing what it is about. And whats more, I don’t have the control to turn the pages anyway. Thats just a misconception of my imagination. 

He’s also teaching me that my story isn’t supposed to look like anyone else. He as a plan for my life and He has given me specific tools and talents that I’ll need to accomplish what I need to do. I defiantly have goals and ambitions and often I look at the spinning hands of the clock and get anxious about time racing away before I have done anything. But there is a balance that I’m trying to understand that rests between staying idol stuck in a dream wishing for something to happen vs. being driven to accomplish all of the things on my to-do book  (my list as tuned into a book at this point in my life.. it deserves an honest title). 

There is a lot of peace I’ve found in letting God write the chapters in my book and then trusting Him to turn the pages when its time. The paper cuts I’ve made in the past by trying to speed read through the chapters are now starting to heal. The scars still remain on the surface of my heart and serve as a reminder (as scars do) to choose to trust God’s sovereign, caring capability over my impulsive (and usually ignorant or dangerous!!) incapabilities. 

I’m learning slowly. But I’m learning nonetheless. 


This photo belongs to Hannah. It is of me looking out into the grander beauty of the mountains. 

Read the lyrics to the song “I Am Mountain” by Gungor here. 


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