DSC04696 DSC04698 DSC04699 DSC04700 DSC04705 DSC04765 DSC04764 DSC04757 DSC04795

Some neat kiosks we saw in historical Seoul yesterday. The waffle creation Bess is holding tasted very good. 

DSC04720 DSC04716 DSC04722 

Bess spotted this art store. 

DSC04741 DSC04723 DSC04753 DSC04808 DSC04833 DSC04831

Evvie’s Highlights. That turtle statue was either a replica of one built in the 1400’s, or it was built in the 1400’s. I was unsure.. but I think it is a replica because…DSC04824…this guy was built in the 1400’s and it is securely encased by glass and steel. Evvie liked the turtle regardless of his authenticity. 

DSC04805 DSC04806 DSC04807 DSC04837DSC04801DSC04838 

This park was restored in honor of those two structors. It was a quiet park surrounded by the chaos of the city. It was simple and peaceful. I like it very much.

DSC04836 DSC04835 DSC04848

This Boy. ❤


I took this picture mainly for John. Bess pointed them out as something that he would probably enjoy eating. They were eggs cracked in these little black pans on top of a pastry like dough. The woman running the stand cooked them in a tiny oven right there on the street. 

I love going to Seoul. I always leave there eager to go back again. 



4 thoughts on “K#9|Insadong”

  1. pretty cool, Sky, but unlike jbkbsblog, I am glad I’m here and wish you guys were, too. Grandfather’s prerogative. Little Evvie seems to be slimming down, no doubt due to all the walking you guys are doing. Mom and I had a nice trip to Young Harris yesterday to look at a possible addition to the alpaca herd; may get a black girl and possibly a white boy. Ebony and ivory?

    Love ya, Daddy-o


  2. This is AWESOME, Sky! Thank you for the pics! Memaw is in the hospital with pneumonia, so I am taking my iPad to show her theses today. Please pray for her. I love all the pics of Seoul and the bright colors, etc., but mainly the pics of you guys! Keep ‘Em coming! Love, love, love, Aunt Jayne. :).


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