Have you ever watched a wheel

circle round and round?

it doesn’t stop for anything 

it has a mind of its own. 

On one half of the cycle 

you find yourself looking up 

where on the opposite end 

you haven’t an ounce of luck.

One season you may be learning something,

The next you may be free

but peace doesn’t last forever 

because the wheel keeps on turning, you see? 

You will never get to a standing point

where you’re strong through and through 

You only get stronger as experience the trials life gives to you. 

Every time the wheel turns there is something else to learn

We won’t arrive until we understand the terms, 

in which life operates and as I’ve said before 

The wheel we call time, you see 

Stops for no one. 


So here we now find ourselves going round and round

This carousel is moving fast; the horses go up and down 

What do we do while we sit and and ride this necessary ride 

There is no used in trying to stop it; trust me, time isn’t to be tried. 

What I’ve learned, if anything, from my little time being alive 

is that you can’t control anything except what you believe inside. 

The wheel keep spinning, and it won’t stop 

for anyone, not even you 

I have found a way to make the most of it all, 

Is by picking good thoughts to choose. 


The trail of little goods you do will leave a happy affect 

on this weary world thats full of sadness and regret. 

Striving to be perfect is the ultimate lost cause 

You end up running your life into the ground 

without enjoying any part. 

Do your best, learn to love and give and be a light 

For the wheel won’t stop for anyone 

not even for the sake of time. 

You never stop learning 

There is never a finish line 

You just keep of going- 

rolling into time. 


( I do not own any of these photos except the first one)



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