K#5| Reasons to eat Kimchi




Good for me.


I have been playing the part of a native very convincingly here. When we went to Costco last week, I bought a huge bag of bean sprouts, a huge case of dried seaweed (YUMMO!), a bag of frozen broccoli and a bag of frozen chicken. Besides my round blue eyes and denser build and freckled complexion (and curly hair), you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between me and a native. ūüėČ *wink

I’m trying my best to avoid eating american food while I’m here. I want to be fully immersed¬†in the culture while I’m visiting and it isn’t very convincing if I’m sitting in the McDonalds with free wifi in one hand and a McFlurry in the other.

Although, usage of free wifi (which is every where) is actually a very  Korean thing to do.


To all of my cool¬†family members who so faithfully follow my bloggy-poo, here is my confession of my conformation to the Korean cultural obsession with kimchi (and some very propelling reasons as to¬†why¬† I have conformed to the prominent Korean culture’s obsessive consumption).

Let me first preface this article by saying that I actually did not hop on this Kimchi band wagon while I was back home. In fact, my sister who works at a vitamin shop (ironically owned by koreans) first gave me the heads up to try the mystical stuff once I came over here right before I left.

I didn’t know anything about it and was not aware of the apparent superpowers it has.

But after doing my own research and having developed an understanding of what  kimchi is and how it helps your body, I was unavoidably inspired to fall for it and join in the kimchi brigade parade.

Here are some reasons why I think that you too should incorporate kimchi into your lifestyle too!



(Radish Kimchi *I don’t own this photo*)

1. Cultured food is GOLD for your GUT Because our food in America is basically fake (read more about the corruption in the food industry and FDA here!), our bodies are developing all sorts of sensitivities  to some staple things because they are hyper produced (dairy, soy, corn, wheat, gluten) and used as fillers instead of nutrients for our bodies, and poisoned with preservatives to crank out quantity and shelf life vs. quality and human life.

The reason this is bad (eating fake food that is) is because our bodies don’t have the active enzymes and probiotics found in real food anymore. Our bodies¬†need ¬†real food¬†and their enzymes and minerals¬†to properly digest and absorb the nutrients from our food so we can function properly, thrive and enjoy life.¬†

And that is where Kimchi comes into play.

Kimchi is a super sonic cultured food rich in those active enzymes and probiotics what we so desperately need to line our stomachs with so that we have a healthy immune system and strong digestive capabilities (more that 70% of Americans suffer form chronic constipation!)

A happy gut is a happy body. Read this article to learn more about the importance of a healthy bacteria, probiotic filled tummy.

Other cultured foods you could incorporate into your lifestyle are plain yogurt, organic apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, kombucha, Kiefer, and many more!



(An Agama making many different kinds of Kimchi at the market today!)

2. PRO-biotics! Kimchi has 1000 times more of lactobacillus (probiotics) than what yogurt has. ONE.THOUSAND.TIMES.MORE. Thats, ONE. ZERO. ZERO.ZERO.


(Very yummy cucumber kimchi *I don’t own this photo*)

3. Metabolic Madness Kimchi aides in boosting your metabolism (can I get an imaginary high five please?). Because of this boost, often times the result is in weight loss. B-)


(Yesterday’s lunch-standard cabbage and radish kimchi)

4. Anti-Caner proporties¬†Yay! read more about this topic here!¬†Diet is the best medicine. Be proactive and make good choices today (and tomorrow, and the day after that etc…)

When your body is constantly exposed to something that it is allergic to, regardless of the severity of your reaction, your body gets exhausted. When your body is exhausted, your immune system shuts down and you get sick, and your body doesn’t function properly.

For me  this process was subtle, but accumulative and has been a big problem for me most of my life (food sensitivities).

Applying these truths in my life have already made a small difference (not long into the new routine..). I know form my past that I am impatient and have run many ‘great ideas’ in the ground because I wanted the results NOW. Which is why I’ve never had any success with my endeavors!

We need to have a balanced diet. Proteins, legumes, veggies, fruits, good fats and oils, all of it! We need to out weigh the fake food we eat with the¬†real food¬† that you’re¬†going to start eating.¬†Our bodies were created to handle foreign things, but when we constantly feed our bodies those foreign things (hydrogenated oils, refined grains and sugars, GMO anything) our bodies get tired and overwhelmed, weak, susceptible, and inflamed.

Although you may be compelled to just dive in huge bat of kimchi and soak it in through your pores (no? really? thats just me?), the best way to approach this happy new information is to eat a little bit everyday. Be consistent about it and let it become part of your life.

It already has become a part of mine!


Take what you need never with greed, and thank God everyday for the freedom you have to buy these nutritious foods for your body. Thank God for variety and beauty and ask Him for wisdom on how you need to change your lifestyle- how can you feed yourself in a way the honors him (1 Cor. 10:31).


(Kimchi on market day!)

If you’d like to read more about the superpowers of kimchi, here is a good article all about it!




3 thoughts on “K#5| Reasons to eat Kimchi”

  1. I like this! I have really never heard much about kimchi, but now will have to try it! I may head to our new, Sprouts store this morning! I’ll get your cousin, Cole, to try it with me. He is doing cross fit and eating much healthier, so we can try it. Soak up that culture and spread Jesus today!
    Love, Aunt Jayne. ūüôā

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