K #1



There will be more photos to come..

More like this one in fact because these traffic mirrors are scattered around the city. I find them to be  a nice subject for a portrait.

5 days into it and I am already dreading the time when I’ll have to go back to the states.

Totally dreading.

With in a few days I’m sure I’ll have some nice, insightful, inspirational, spiritual, worldview changing post to write for all you readers (or, ‘family’) to gawk and ‘Ooo!” over.

But for Now, I send you a smile.


DSC03882  DSC03931


4 thoughts on “K #1”

  1. Please post more! We are all hungry for your adventures! Titus is asking to see Evvie and baby Wivoh every day.
    Love, Auntie and Ty


  2. Oh…my…goodness! My Evvie and Rivey!!! I cannot wait to see what you guys have been up to and hear more about it. I miss you all so so so so so much; there are no words for how much. Especially that little blondy girl. 😉 Give her and River a BIIIIIIG kiss from Aunt Jenny! ❤ I love you Skylar and miss you so much! Enjoy your time and I truly hope and am praying that it is a great, marvelous, experience for you.
    God bless!



  3. Oh Skylar- PLEASE keep this post and photos coming! I love those smiles! I want to hear all about your experience and I already miss you! RELISH the time there and yes, I feel your dread in coming back to this hurry, hurry lifestyle! I love you dearly!
    Aunt Jayne


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