Happy Face How To



My dear sister Sarah, a certified, practicing esthetician, was gracious enough to let me pick her brain about all things skincare. Read on to learn about the do’s, the don’ts and the simple truths  about achieving and maintaining beautiful, fresh, healthy skin.

Happy Face How To

The basic principle for establishing an esthetic  regimen (and health regimen for that matter) is simply this:



Beautiful skin is not only skin deep.

“It isn’t necessary” Says Sarah Wetzel, a certified and practicing esthetician. “I think the biggest mistake people make when trying to put together a skin care regimen is using too many products they don’t really need. Most of the things those expensive products claim to cure (wrinkles, acne, oily skin, dry skin, etc), you can remedy yourself, for a long term affect,through diet and making sure you drink enough water.”

She continues “Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it was designed to purify itself and clean itself but it can’t do it unless you give it the right fuel, which is lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of water, coconut oil, avocado, nuts and seeds (all foods that are rich in very good oils), anything with a lot of vitamin C (vitamin C is great for the skin). I would say that establishing those habits is the most important investments you can make in getting perfect, healthy skin”.

Sarah expounds on the matter of diet below as she notes some things we need to avoid (or totally abandon):

“Make sure you cut out sugarsaturated fat, and hydrogenated oils-they are terrible for you in EVERY aspect, but they are really terrible for your skin. Basically, if it’s not form the garden, don’t eat it” *laughs* “but that’s another story for another time”.

Inside-Out is what it is all About (cheesy, yes? I know…) I put optimum importance on this staple truth about wellness. In addition to establishing a healthy dietary, fitness and nutritional habits, getting in the groove of a balanced beauty regimen is also important.

There are many natural methods that are recommended (dare I say preferred) rather than breaking the bank buying all sorts of nonsensical (and less nutritious) beauty products. In this fabulous age of D.I.Y there is still one thing it would be wise to buy.

“As far as products you do need to buy, I would recommend that you invest in a good simplegentlenon-foaming cleanser… Most of your beauty/skin products you can make yourself  (view recipes here!) The cleanser is the only thing that you need to buy. It is kind of hard to make your own cleaner that’s the right balance for your skin type” (read about cleansers for dry and sensitive skin here!).

She expounds here on guidelines to buying good, simple, natural skin care products.

“Well, even I get very overwhelmed when I’m researching new products or even just going  to the store to pick something up because everybody is trying to sell what they have so they have catchy slogans, and misleading promises and you just don’t know what to pick!”

Sound familiar? Yeah, me too. Here are some helpful tips to weeding out the bad and finding the good.

“I generally try to go with the most natural products I can find. And it is hard to know what all of that is. I definitely recommend that people do their own researches as far as ingredients go because there are many carcinogenic ingredients out there that people need to avoid. (Read this great article here to learn about the top 17 chemicals to avoid). I try to go with products that have simple ingredients; Ingredients that I understand and recognize; a lot of natural oils and essences. Things that you can read and more or less understand what they are.”

“And again, it is really important to do your own research as far as chemicals go because there are new things surfacing constantly. There is one thing for sure though, stay away from anything with scents in them. Your skin doesn’t need to deal with them; just yet another thing for [your skin] to process and detox later. Only natural things scented with essential oils are what you want to invest in. “

A simple truth that I live by is “What you feed will grow”. Feed your body good food, enough water, enough rest, and mineralize (or totally eliminate) stress and the fruit of your labor will be beautiful glowing skin, happy, healthy body and a happy and healthy heart.


Establishing a Skin Care Routine

Read about my skin care routine here! I’ve constructed my regimen to cater to my dry and sensitive skin.

Here is what Sarah says about establishing a skin care routine:

“A lot of people make the mistake of cleansing their skin twice a day, and I know the cleanser bottles say to do that but usually, even if you have oily skin, you don’t need to do that. The most important time to cleanse your skin is at night time because you’ve been absorbing a bunch of pollutants from the air, you’ve been touching your face all day, you’ve got germs all over it, oils from cooking- it is definitely more important to wash your face at night. If you face just feels yucky in the morning, get a hot rag and press it to your face. Refresh it with the seam and then use a little moisturizer and you’re good to go. You don’t really need to cleanse it twice a day. That is really too much.”

Sarah’s suggested Schedule for Taking Care of your Skin

Daily: A.M. – Refresh your face with a clean, warm washcloth in the morning. Follow with a moisturizer.

Daily: P.M. – Wash your face with s gentle cleanser. Rinse with warm water then with a few splashes of cold. Follow with the appropriate strength freshener or toner and moisturizer.

Two or three times a week: Exfoliate after you cleanse. Rinse with warm water then with a few splashes of cold. Follow with the appropriate strength freshener or toner and moisturizer.

Weekly: Mask after you cleanse and exfoliate. Rinse with warm water then with a few splashes of cold. Follow with the appropriate strength freshener or toner and moisturizer.

To Sum It Up: The Basic Principles 

1. The most important investment you can make starts from the Inside Out.

2. Don’t Over do it with products and scents; natural, natural, natural!

3. Habits: You can plan all you want, but planning will no make a lick of change until you are faithfully consistent with your new LIFESTYLE. 

That is where the real success comes: establishing a healthy, balances, peaceful lifestyle.

“A heart at peace gives L-I-F-E to the B-O-D-Y..” (proverbs 14:30)





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