Happy Succulents How To

(Incomplete) Photo Encyclopedia of Succulents

5 Tips for Growing Succulents 

From my expedience, succulents are very easy to please. They have three main requirements: hot, dry, and sunny.They love containers and they also love the sprawl across desert/rocky outdoor areas. Once established, they are drought tolerant, and their unique colors and physiques add a very artistic element to any garden.

1.Do No Over Water Let the first inch of your plants soil dry out in between waterings. Otherwise you will drown your plants. They will loose their color and fall apart and be otherwise, extremely unhappy.

2.Sun! They are the essence of the term ‘Sun Goddess’. Even though I said to watch your watering habits, do keep in mind that if you have your plants in a lot of sun, they will dry out in a shorter span of time-it all really depends on the size of the plant and the size of the pot-so watch their soil conditions and cater to their individual needs as to watering in conjunction with the rule stated above.

3.Drainage This is vital. You cannot have water sitting at the bottom of your pot. Their roots will not be happy, rot, then your plant will die. The preventative: whether you’re using a pot with a drain hole at the bottom (preferred) or without a drain hole at the bottom, you must fill your pot 25%-30% with small rocks first (regardless of the size of the container). Apply a well draining potting soil on top of the rocks: 2 parts potting soil, 1 part sand, 1 part compost and a handful of perlite.

4. Spread The Love One of the major appeals about succulents is how easy they are to propagate (divide and make into more plants). Propagation benefits your plants because once you snip a cutting or pinch a leaf off to start a new plant, that leaves the old plant some time to take a breath and concentrate on growing his roots deeper, and start working on his own new growth. Plus, you’ll have almost instant gifts for people right in the comfort of your own home.

5. Know Their Temperature Zone There are some varieties of succulents and cactus that are hardy enough to endure freezing and below freezing temperatures, and there are some that are not. Find out what your ‘zone’ is (you can google search “Gardening zone for Georgia” or whatever state you live in), then make sure you find out the hardiness of each of your plants. Some might be better suited in containers, bringing them indoors when the weather gets bad, while others may be able to endure mild winters. Do your research 

Some Of My Favorite Succulents/cactus 


Aloe Vera


Sedum Dasyphyllum


Gymnocalycium  mihanovichii ‘moon cactus’

IMG_0796.jpg IMG_0799.jpg

Hens and chicks ‘Red Ruby’ and ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’




Sedum Hybrid ‘aurora blue’


Sedum Makinoi ‘ogon’


pachyveria ‘powder puff’ (‘exotica’)

IMG_0818 IMG_0811

And these two didn’t have tags., sadly. Aren’t they pretty?

As long as you remember and apply these 5 steps, you will have lot of success (and fun!) growing succulents.

Happy gardening!


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