DIY Succulent Crate

DIY Succulent Crate

Succulents, funny little creatures, have been sweeping the popularity charts for some time now. I’ve been enchanted by these interesting beings for while and I have finally talked myself into buying a few.

IMG_0793 IMG_0814

Well, more than a few..


…more like a bunch.


A few bunches?


*sigh* Ok, yeah, I bought a ton of them.


I’m obsessed.

DIY Succulent Crate


– 8 Scrap Wood Rectangles with the appropriate measurements (pictured below)

-Straight Nails

-Measuring Tape



-Screw driver

Let the fun begin!


(In the directions below I will refer to the wood pieces by their color instead of exhausting my fingers with typing lengthy measurement descriptions. )

1. From the Bottom Up 

Position the two ‘black’ boards to match the width of one of the ‘white’ boards, leaving and even gap between the ‘black’ boards (approximately 1/4″ or so)


Place a ‘blue’ piece behind it and nail it into place

.IMG_0784 IMG_0785

Nail it again from the other side; repeat this sequence on the other end of the two black boards.


2. Nail the sides to the base 

As pictured below, nail ‘whites’ to the base using 6 nails on each side.



3. Screw the front and back on 

IMG_0825 IMG_0827

Two screws on each side at both ends and four screws on each side along the bottom.


Close up on the junction point; all of the wood coming together.

4. Optional 

The first picture in step three shows the box completed. You may have notice that the front is shorter than the back.. Well it is, because I (well, my dad) sawed it off. I forgot to take a photo of  it before I sawed it off, but it was very cute. You can either saw off the front, leveling it with the ‘white’ sides as I did or you can leave it so both ‘reds’ are parallel.


IMG_0825 IMG_0826.jpg

Lay three layers of newspaper strips along the bottom, fill with the appropriate succulent soil you need, and plant until your heart is content!

Yesterday was one of our first warm days in a long  time; I really enjoyed myself  while I was working on this project in the sun.


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