Missing You.

Missing You.

Dear Summer,
Its been a long time! How have you been? I’ve thought of you often lately, especially since winter has graced us with so many ‘pleasurable’ experiences the season. Gray has its own beauty, but does get a little droll after a few months. Fond recollections of lush emerald greens and the bright blue skies brushed  so skillfully with a marble white effect sing to my heart, aiding the the consequential strain patience has plagued on my spirits.

The sea, always the fondest memory, is calling me. I must refuse his invitation, for I know that as long as the cold winds linger, I will not be able to enjoy the ocean, and his  charms, to the fullest.

It was warm yesterday and the day before, but today and the next few days ahead are supposed to be cold again.

Please come back soon! I miss your warm hugs and golden kisses. I miss my flowers and vine ripe tomatoes. I am craving a balmy summer night to just lay on the hammock and watch the fireflies flickering above me.

There is nothing quite as sweet as the soothing rhythm of crickets and frogs chirping along with the lazy summer breeze. My hammock swings in time with the song of the night.

Please, don’t stay away any longer.





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