The lively parade has left the streets cold;
Chattering conversations have now come to a lull.
The music was riveting and the balloons-so cheery!
And then, at the end, what an explosive finale.
The little bits of all that is left
after the laughter and fun time is spent,
waltz through and around the meandering feet
everybody is aimless; its a saturday, no ones in a hurry.
A more prominent gust picks up the pace
mini cyclones of color swirl into place.
Some settle in puddles, others on steps
a few land in the gutters, then some by the trash cans.
It may linger for days or be gone in a night
But confetti is one remnant from a party that I like.
Watching it from afar, being shuffled by pedestrians
Makes me wish I was tiny so I could join in their dance.
I would not mind helping people express
their inwardly bubbly fizzy excitement.
With the strongest force, I’m thrown into the air
My fate isn’t a cruel landing; I float down softly without a care.
Isn’t is a perfect illustration of happiness?
Colorful, carefree, Powerful, yet harmless.
Even though, as I said, the parade has long since finished
I can still hear the scene echoing in my mind with persistence.
Back to the laughter and foot steps I go
A kiss on a skinned knee in mamas arms-she always knows.
For just one moment we all gathered together
We were unified to celebrate the season or the weather.
By now the crowd has finally started to dissipate
Sunset casts his shadow urging me to go home -“Don’t be out too late!”
Just a few more minutes, though my conscience is insistently resistant,
But before I could even say goodbye, confetti leaves a faint trail of laughs, then cartwheels off, disappearing into the distance.

*I do not own this photo*


One thought on “Confetti”

  1. Awesome, Skylar! This is really a well written poem! I like it all, but especially the end where the confetti ,”then cartwheels off…” Good imagery, as I can see it doing just that! Keep writing and let’s get together soon, you, me, and Jenny!

    Much love,
    Aunt Jayne. 🙂


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