Snowy Georgia.

Snowy Georgia.

Despite the collection of cold noses and frozen toeses displayed above, the Bargers did not let this blissful snowy day go to waste!

I am thankful for being home safe and sound (and warm!).

I love snow! It would’ve been warmly welcomed had we’ve been prepared! I for one wouldn’t mind having a snowfall every year.

Luckily for us they are short and sweet.


Just minutes into playing, Bubba seems to be expressing some sign of regret..Brr! 


Early morning walk.

Everyone was still asleep. One of my favorite things about a snowfall is that society has an honest excuse to take a break. I relished the stillness of the beautiful, clean, wintery morning. Everything was quiet.

Snow is that which is renown yet silent.



I wonder where they birds flew off to? 



I was so enchanted by the snowy carpet that blanket the forest floor.



John and Josh thawing out after a rough morning of sledding, snowball fights and lots of treasured  (though chilly!) time with family. 


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