Nature Hunt.

Nature Hunt.

Cael give me a close up look on the mushroom he found for his collection. 

As you may have noticed by the way daylight hours are shortening, and by the way leaves in the trees have begun to wither and float from their lofty perch so high above us onto the pulsing earth near below us (cluttering sidewalks, roads, paling carpets of grass, rain gutters and driveways.. ), fall is fast approaching.

In my opinion, the essence of fall is found in nature; the way the earth changes from vivacious greens and endless summer nights to muted browns and delicious chilly evenings. Summer always charms us with his balmy air, and Autumn comes in and graces us with a breath of fresh, crisp air. I’ve been on this earth for nearly two decades and every time the seasons change from one to another I find myself in awe of the way the earth moves from one to the next with such a steady cadence; a perfect rhythm of transition.

In celebration of this happy happy time in the year, I composed a list of woodland treasures for my siblings to search for and collect. I don’t think I will ever be too old for a scavenger hunt. Especially one involving nature.

Nature Hunt List

  1. A red plant
  2. An Orange Plant
  3. Something purple
  4. Something yellow
  5. A mushroom
  6. A rock shaped like a heart
  7. A piece of bark
  8. A piece of moss
  9. Something green
  10. *Bonus* An Acorn
  11. *Bonus* something blue

The catch: If any of us brought the same thing to the table (e.g. the same flower for orange, or the same item for “something yellow”) then those two (or three) lost a point. I added this challenging twist to encourage a little creativity (and competition) amongst us.


Here Cael has found a red leaf (-1), yellow nasturtium(1), purple zinnia (1), orange Georgia clay (1), a green leaf (-1), a heart rock (1), bark (1), mushroom (1). Total Score: 6


Looks like John chose a red zinnia (-1), a yellow rudbeckia (-1), a chunk of moss (1), looks like two heart shaped rocks (1), a piece of bark (1), a green nut of some sort (1) and a classic red mushroom (I’ll give him 2 points for that). Total score: 6


Mr. Eli, what have you got? Red zinnia (-1), orange nasturtium (-1), yellow rudbeckia (-1), heart shaped rock (1), mushroom (1), purple monkey grass bloom (1), green pine needly branch (1), piece of bark (1). Total score: 5


Esme found a red leave (-1), orange nasturtium (-1), yellow leaf (1), heart rock (1), piece of bark (1), pinkish purpleish morning glory (1), bit of moss (1), green leaf (-1), and a dusty miller leaf (she wanted that to be her “blue”.. sorry Es! That passes as silver.) Total score : 5


Now for my findings: Moss (1), red nasturtium (1), orange marigold (1), yellow weed flower (1), green leaf (-1), purple maple leaf (1), heart rock (1), bark (1) , mushroom (1). Total Score: 9


First place: Skylar!
IMG_0300 IMG_0355

Cael and John tied for second!


Eli and Esme tied for third.

What great fallish fun. I look forward to writing some poems and odes to the season and the newness up ahead.


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