Conquest of Frogs.

Conquest of Frogs.

My dear brothers all share a special fetish for frogs and toads (among many other amphibious creatures). One of their favorite things to do is to go frog hunting together! The secret to a successful frog hunt is that  you HAVE to go out right after or during an evening rain shower. Armies of them hop out to enjoy the cool, wet pavement after a long hot day in the sun.  Just as they have situated themselves cozily in a nice muddy puddle, “SPLASH!” they’re gone, scooped up in the palms of an excited 4 (or 23) year old and  on their way to a shabby little kiddy pool.


IMG_2780 IMG_2777Ben found this little guy.

IMG_2788 IMG_2790Cael was very comfortable with handling the frogs. See that grin? Only a small expression for the enthusiasm bubbling inside of him.

IMG_2796Heres sweet Eli. He has always been a creature expert.

IMG_2797I love this shot of Eli, John and Cael’s scruffy hands. All three of them are aspiring scientists at heart; Each one incredibly intelligent and completely unique in his own inserts. Their curiosity is constantly growing;  I love how active their minds are! I really enjoy watching their skills and interests develop.



From left to right: Cael (4 1/2), Eli (9), John (7 1/2), Ben (23).

Isn’t Summer glorious?



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