June Garden Status

June Garden Status

Here is a shot of my lovely tomato plants that I planted way late in the season (May first). And looky here, they have already started producing fruit!
I read a very helpful article (click the picture of the tomato and you can read it too!) about encourage maximum performance from your mater plants. A few of the tips I knew already (planting them deep, staking them well, snipping anything dead). But  here are a few of the tips I learned which I have found to be very effective so far:
a) prune leaves and stems closest to the ground to promote upper growth (where the fruit is)
b) pinching off suckers (I then stick them in a cup of water for a week to root, then right back into the ground for more plants!)
c) keeping the base of the plants well mulched mulched (thank you alpacas!)
d) water water water!




The sunshine finally pierces through the thick forest trees after a long, heavy day of rain and thunder. At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesey, I always imagine that God is reaching down to me from heaven through the sun rays. Almost like I can feel His warm, glowing fingertips caress my face. Its especially nice after a gloomy day- I always enjoy the last minute glow.

Whether projecting through dark storm clouds, setting behind a flowery meadow or creeping up slowly behind an old rickety barn to being a new dawn, I always sense the purity and magnificent beauty of God through sunlight; even if only in a passing moment.


Black and whit still of the garden.


Peaches are looking, well, peachy!


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