Tough I’ve always admired this Holland native growing up, I was always discouraged from growing it myself.

One party said that the plant attracts deer. And another reliable source told me that it is just too hot for tulips to endure beyond their first bloom, making the planting process a huge excursion for only ONE bloom.

These kind warnings were not unconsidered; like I said before, I hand’t planted them because so many people advised me not too.. Nevertheless, the bulbs were bought and I planted them and they have come up handsomely!!

They are very soft, yet very regal in appearance. Their oder is dull, but their simplistic beauty makes up for it. It is one thing to admire photos and postcards all your life and a (delightful) whole other thing to actually grow them and watch them bloom yourself.

Many smiles.



It was an assortment pack, but much to my merriment, all of them have come up red. 🙂 I saw signs of one pink one, and I am happy to welcome her.. but red tulips are quite stunning.


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