Dying Eggs!


Cael (4) was so careful with his blue “Earth” egg.


Jenny offers a pose with her green ‘heart’ egg. She also made that lovely marbly purple one.



Sylvie livens the scene with her sweet smile (above right). Sarah  and Titus  (above)  to visit! Sarah always makes such cute eggs (She made the ‘peep’ egg and the blue one with crayon flowers on it).



This marble one was accidental, so I cannot offer instruction to replicate it. Bummer! Isn’t the red one stunning though? I added 15 drops of red food dye to the pink.


And here is Cael again. He was eager to make the necessary resignation from the egg dying business to nosh on a burger mom didn’t finish.


Above: John (7) brewing up artistic ideas for his eggs. And here most of us smile for a photo! (Left to Right: Eli, John, Cael, Jenny, Sylive and Esme).

Dying Eggs!

All in all, very fun, extremely chaotic, and very colorful.

Even though I get easily agitated under the stress of noise and ‘creative’ little artists who (not maliciously) will not listen to me.. I truly would not change my role as a big sister for anything. I love my family! I love the busyness and action! I love their ideas and creations. I count it as a blessing to have grown up and currently live in such a warm, crowded home.

Happy Easter!


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