New Growth

New Growth

One of the highlights of spring for me is when my roses start to express new growth.

I love seeing tiny ruby leaves emerge from the seemingly dead structure of canes stemming from a dull and lifeless budunion.

I love watching the tender baby leaves unfold and expand when they meet the warm sunlight for the first time. It delights me to watch the transformation of ‘death’ to life; From dormant to bloom, from dark to light.

I love how creation extrudes such a vibrant replication of Christs’ victory over death.
It is impossible for anyone to pass through the season without noticing the incredibly inspiring transformation from death to life.

I love how winter is dead, cold, raw and lifeless and then suddenly, Spring comes with a brilliant vengeance! With a spear of lightening and a courageous battle cry of thunder; and authoritative display of power and strength in the middle of tempest and rage.

Then a down pour of tender love on a weary wounded earth. A love that showers the dry soil. A love that floods the ground. A love that swells and spreads throughout the world. A love that cleanses and rejuvenates. A love the revives and restores.

Light begins to penetrates from behind the black and grey. A Light that spills over the sad sad earth, and with it the birds contribute a song of gladness; a beautiful anthem of hope. The radiant Source of warmth confirms Victory in every sense of the word.

Such a victory!

It will be another month or month and a half before I see my first flowers bloom.

But don’t worry, you will be seeing many updates as the season progresses.. 🙂


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