Peach Blossom.


I found this cheery face in the garden the other day!

Spring has been coming and going the past two weeks; not ready to make any sort of lasting commitment. Despite today and yesterdays spontaneous 30 degree weather, I have felt quite relieved to (and very ready to) welcome springs warmth and goodness.
As I said before, those blessed 70 degree days are currently sporadic and unpredictable. Fickle though he may be, I can smell the unmistakably fragrant seasonal perfume wafting through the air around me. A pronounced whisper that boldly testifies ‘SPRING IS HERE!’. Such loveliness is contagious to the spirit and mind. I find that I start to pull floral pieces from my closet and search my drawers for my flower hair clips. My doodles and swirls I quill during church ( shhh!!!) turn into flowers and ferms and birds perched atop budding limbs and daffodils. I have a fresh springish energy fueled by excitement and anticipation for the ravishingly glorious days to come.


There is good in every season..
..Spring is simply the best though.


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