To some, life is easliy disregarded

But to Me, every single heartbeat is counted.

Some people on the earth boast in their “liberty”

That they can pick and choose for convenience’s sake, comfort or selfish vanity.

Some people are mistaking the truth for a lie –

“This its just a wad of cells, and not something new and alive!”

I hurt for the women who are torn apart inside

The ones led blindly out of fear; to society they comply.

My eyes well with tears when I think of their hearts

Though the loss of a new life is tragic, those babies are now safe in My arms.

Its the heart of the mothers suffering loss.

And the torment of the treasure they so carelessly tossed.

The painful regret as the years progress

The bondage of shame, sorrow and what ifs.

The way the enemy bindes with fear

He pollutes their minds and covers their ears.

He coaxed them in promising relief

Then  attacked them with the same breath and bombard them with bitterness and grief.

My heart goes out to you who live in constant pain

Please, be still, and know you’re loved, precious and forgiven.

The life you lost, I’ve always loved even before it became.

Just as I love you my child and even know you by name.

Griefs burden isn’t light and regret is hard to bare

Please don’t think you are alone, because you’re not; I’m always here.

You were deceived my precious daughter, and tricked into believing

That you had some authoritative power to decide who lives and who won’t be.

Thats a burden far too heavy for any human being

Especially you, my daughter;  the beautiful tenderhearted woman.

You weren’t made to kill what you were created to produce

Recognize the enemy when he says “You have the right to do what you want to do”.

I care for you my daughters and long for you to know me

Now that you’ve heard this truth, may this truth set you free.


Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32


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