jour de pluie

jour de pluie Tears from heaven come falling down

How is it, a sorrow such as this, can be one of  the happiest sounds?

A rhythmic quartet consisting of these;

Heavy rain drops upon metal rooftops segue to puddles surnget in the streets.

I will not complain. I like the rain! I love seeing the earth relaxed and refreshed.

When the clouds start to roll away, I beg them to come back and stay. But they trudge on, leaving behind a disarraying muddy mess.

Teary skies deluge a earth

Weary and dry in need of being nurtured.

I can relate to this kind heartbreak

And join in the sorrowful song the earth sings.

Now, brilliant greens bud from the trees and grass begins to spring up from the ground.

Though colors have faded, the Artist continues painting , and creates a picture of life from black and browns.

From behind the grey comes forth the blue

And golden rays come bursting through.

Heavens countenance turns to cheer from gloom

Promise of life confirmed as the dormant blooms.

Merry pinks carpet the ground and wisteria creeps to the highest bough

Blue bird sings, his song resounds

(Far above the trees; a melody so sweet)

A harmonious symphony lost in the clouds.


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