March is the beginning of natures fragrant bounty.

Sprays of lilacs and blues adorn grey trunks o’re the  somber mountains.

Forsythian hedge and jonquils compete

To be titled the cheeriest; most fragrant and sweet.

Spring ushers life from the depths of the ground

He comes surging forth, valiant and profound.

For earth’s chilling lull could not restrain

Even Winter’s mighty bitterness could not keep him away.

Prevailing at last to the trumpet of sunny rays

Color spills out from the dormant and grey.

Purple and pinks painted across the fresh sunrise

Bleed from heaven, to dusty earth, kissing the flowers and commanding life.

Spring announces his arrival not in blare, but subtle hum

Gradually overcoming darkness with gentility’s green thumb.

A quiet little chant from a lonly little bird

Grows rapidly voluminous; the sweetest symphony ever heard.

One by one they carpet my mossy garden floor

Collecting seeds what have dropped from the compassionate Feeder above.

A whole season ahead, most treasured of all

It is a convincing example of the Greatest Victory ever overcome.

Now warm days ahead, with some storms in the mix

But that is what I expect, or really anticipate.

There is one truth I too often forget;

Holy rejuvenation post thunderous conflict.

Purify me oh Lord, though it may cost me my comfort

Let me be as a flower to rejoice during lightening and thunder.



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