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I Completed Little Women yesterday.
If you haven’t ever read it before, I urge you, please do.
It was adorable in every sense of the word. I spaced out the last two chapters over the span of two days just because I couldn’t stand to face the reality that soon the Marches, Books, Laurences, and Behars would have to retire and resume their busy lives without any nosey onlookers or intrusions. I know I won’t be missed, but I miss them dearly!

I love their praise for virtue and morals. I admire the Truth so artfully woven in and out of every chapter. The love for self defiance between the unshakable sisterly bond was most exemplary. To me it is a chore to be sacrificial and selfless, to them it was a means of happiness and they indulged every opportunity to exercise benevolence.

I tried to watch a L. W. miniseries made in 1978 (please, let me stress the word TRIED). It was just awful. Stinky poo yuck yuck!
I do not recommend it.

Perhaps, does anybody know of a LIttle Woman mini series that is not the 1978 one?

I am waiting for the 1933 production to come via netflix, then I will watch the 1949 again, then follow up with the 1994 (for the thousandth time).

Now that I stand champion o’re my slowly growing stack of completed books of 2013 (1), I am inspired to speak correctly, nurture my vocabulary and truly convicted to be all around sweeter. L.M.A painted such lovely pictures of reality through the girls. The correlation between Pilgrams Progress and the lives of our heroines reminded me of how simple it is to improve my personal quality of living. It is the burdens, the heartbreak and the pain in our lives that refine us, challenge us to be better and really make us stronger (from the inside out). She portrayed life’s ongoing battle beautifully through four different view points; four different trials and four different triumphs. Four different personalities, four different sets of circumstances. Simply this: The heartbeat of joy is your attitude toward life. Ironically, it is the only area of life any of us have real control over-why refuse joy (..unless of couse it is circumstantial..)? But hey, listen; no one can live superficially forever, and sooner or later you’ll come to grips with that and wish you never wasted a second of your time discontented. Start sooner than later. Such a prison it is to let our happiness rely on ANYTHING of this world alone.

This world is always chanting ‘sweet’ songs of rebellion, hatefulness and promotes the ‘vital’ importance of prosperity and wildly applauds selfishness.
I’m so thankful for the reminder that it is truly heroic to be gracious, womanly and patient. It is good to want those characteristics and it is possible to achieve them despite our natural inclinations that may conflict (e.g. “I can’t change, I was born this way!”.. better translated “I don’t want to change, accept me for who I am.”).

I won’t end on a low not of hating the world because I don’t hate that world.
In fact, for the first time in my life I fell in love with the ‘world’ (my present place in the world) when I saw it through the March’s eyes; Nothing was forced. Nothing was rigid. It wasn’t perfect, but it was so good. There wasn’t any pressure, and what little expectations they bared where self induced.
All in all, I am so glad for what I do have. The relationships, the comfort, the richness, aaa so undeserving for these treasures. Even if I am not trumping all over Europe right now, or selling my songs to millions of adoring fans, I am very content. Those goals seem dusty and void to me now compared to the new standard I wish to achieve and the rich byproduct of sacrifice I look forward to reap.

The Bible calls us to have “intense and unfailing love for one another” (1 Peter 4:8).
And at the end of the day, I want to be known as the sister who loves unfailingly.. maybe not in comparison to Jo’s compulsive bob..but the root of her noble sacrifice was a model of christ; and that was a continuous portrayal tucked here and there all throughout the book. The model I wish to emulate day after day.



3 thoughts on “Review”

  1. I have yet to read Little Women, but it’s on my list! In regards to Young Adult fiction, I recommend The Secret Garden and A Little Princess if you haven’t read them. 🙂

    Being dyslexic, I missed out on a lot of Young Adult classics as a kid and am slowly making my way back around to reading the awesome books I didn’t read as a kid. 🙂


    1. Oh! I’d like to read The Secret Garden. I’ve never heard of A Little Princess before.
      Reading was never and still isn’t a strong point of mine.. It it really hard for me to get motivated to read a new book, so I often reread books i’ve already read ( in which case I can’t put them down!).


  2. What a lovely review! That’s just how I feel about the book. I’m a huge fan of Louisa May Alcott, so much so that I blog about her life and works regularly at I wrote a lot about Little Women and especially about the spirituality of the sisters. I loved Beth’s selfless giving (Chapter 17 especially touched me) and called Amy my favorite because of the gracious woman she grew into. Here’s a link to posts I wrote about Little Women if you’d like to read:


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