A Poem For Susanna

A Poem For Susanna

Susanna’s Birthday Poem
A pretty little girl with tender girlish dreams
Pretty golden swirls adorned with ribbons and fairy wings
What a concentrated defiance she bore through infancy
Bossy, headstrong, and ill compliant; demons now tamed triumphantly
La vie en rose her paradigm, nothing would change her view
A feather boa, to pass the time, dress up gowns and shiny tap shoes.
A pretty woman now we find inhabits this girlish nymph
Vehemently good we see her strive, and conquer the virtue of patience.
Still underneath her womanly air, though seldom she’ll let you see
Reside the girl with ribbony hair, tap shoes and fairy wings.
She loves the warmth in peoples smiles and joins in their lovely tune
Especially while she basks in life’s sunny rays upon warm beachy dunes.
Life has showered her with joy, though she’s had her share of storms
But peace beheld to reconcile the tragic “loss” of time.
But remember, girl of twenty one, listen to my advice;
Never be discouraged by ‘wasted years’ but count them a necessary vice.
Lessons learned and troubles wrought,
The quiet victories and battles won.
At war with yourself from even birth
Yet you’re blind to see all you’ve conquered.
So carry on, little one, for you’re always a queen to me
I bid you honor as your humble slave
And share excitement as you begin your journey.


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