Petites Femmes

Petites Femmes

I am nearing the end of a wonderful book.
It will be hard for me to part from these ‘people’ I’ve grown to love. I feel as though I’ve been watching four little lives flourish through triumph and trials, from bud to bloom!

I left off last night where the hero, Laurie, and fair artist extraordinaire, Amy, have now reunited after some time apart, on a chilly Christmas day in mid 19th century Italy. They escorted one another to the holiday festivities; now as the party dwindles, and the guests are failing to the affect fo beverages wildly consumed hours prior, ‘Teddy’ observes a softness the has graced o’er Amy’s elegant stature, and a quiet affection starts to infect our  jeunes héroïnes heart toward her familiar, if not more so brotherly Italian. I’m left with a notion to believe they are beginning to submit to Cupid’s mastery.

I’ve seen the the 1994 film production countless times, so I know Laurie and the poised babe of the clan will end up together in the end. Their story is much sweeter in pen and ink than that portrayed on the screen.

Another  charming surprise was how avec fougue noble Mr. Brooks turned out to be! I mean no offense to Hollywood or particularly  Eric Stoltz for his portrayal  of the nobleman, I never could get past his red hair, and he seemed  passive and wimpy (compared to vigorous ‘Teddy’ of course). I never thought it just that beautiful Meg fell in love or really almost appeared to settle for him. Much to my merriment though, there was a dramatic level of suspense and romance involved in there affair. An mature element of unrequited love and a beautiful innocence  to endear the very coldest of souls.
Meg was so deserving. Once her idol of vanity faded, her tenderness warmed my heart. Their story was dearest of all and I loved the opening to the second part of the book (Megs wedding).

None of these events were of any surprise to me. I dare say Beth’s upcoming death was anticipated from the very beginning. But actually reading L.M.M’s novel page by page and word by worn has, in every sense of the word, brightened my spirits and even altered my foggy paradigm to one more clearly optimistic and gentle (not to mention wildly challenged my vocabulary : ] ).

I love how they value womanly gentleness. I love the praise they receive for being even tempered and gracious.. whereas today we are influenced to fight and control everything!

Submission is a timeless beautifier and I long to be mastered by it (extremities to be avoided).

One final comment, in regard to Professor Bhear and Jo March; What a warm soul for such a determined mind! I cannot wait to watch their subtle flicker morph into a consuming flame of joy and happiness. Two of my sisters swear their story is best read rather than watched. Bess assures me that not one out of the three motion picture ‘attempts’ completely replicate the dearness of their romance.


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