Another Run

This morning I woke at 6:45 am. Everyone in my house was still soundly unconscious (and would be until 8:45 or 9!!). I was glad to be awake and did not envy their comfort, for I was about to indulge in a greater pleasure; one that sleep could never discourage. The sky was a lovely powder blue with a handful of fading stars sporadically scattered across the empty canopy above. I was very excited to share the crisp newness of this day with beloved Brookie. I descended briskly from atop my piney woodland home. Below I could see her thin black silhouette standing still, alone in the darkness on my driveway, waiting patiently for her less than punctual friend.

As dawn slowly woke, my blood started pumping. I could see a sliver of morning’s cheeriness through the shadowy outlines of leafless trees. I was glad for their nakedness and would’ve been happier still if they would have stepped aside to let the pink skies fully showcase their splendor, allowing the delicious hues to invade my ever beating heart, and further inspire my semi-sleepy soul. Alas, my wood brained friends did not offer such courtesy, nor ever apologize for disrupting my fleeting romance.

Onward I went, leaving the sun and his glorious radiance behind; my shadow now faithfully trots alongside me and Sun’s hearty rays rapidly gain speed as he follows;  he beams brighter and brighter, chasing us out of the quite dark into the symphonious daylight.  ” Good morning world! It is a great day to be alive! ” he seemed to chant. Such merriment was contagious and I never once was taunted by shortness of breath or overbaring weariness. I soared gayly through the hilly course beyond me and enjoyed every sweat producing second of it!

Golden light consumed the sky now and then bled into the slumberous earth, awaking the life riveting deep below the frosty soil and propelling such a lovely yellowy likeness to break forth through the frozen wintery barricade; daffodils! I noticed several tracts of jonquils along my country route. Mostly in tight colonies, tucked under dilapidated fences, or intermingled among large oak roots. I was surprised, and I am still convinced they emerged prematurely. All the same they were a pleasurable unexpectant to relish this past morn!

I try to absorbe as much as I can when I go out to run. My landscapes are so vast, I almost don’t know how to comprehend the majesty! Deterrence must have a say in my glee, so as to comply with the strict regulation against perfection in a human life – I have a wretched habit of letting my gaze fall to the ground, which then encourages such an awful posture ( tense shoulders, hunched back, shortened stride.. you know what I’m talking about?). I like to think of myself as a deer or giselle, or even the lovely percheron who lives on my street; all of these beautiful creatures move with grace and power; neither quality is ever compensated for the other.

In likeness of a faint doe returning to her woodland abode after a wild escape from a determined huntress, I to shuffled back home to our cozy green house feeling victorious, yet well put out; Relieved, yet subtly stressed. Six miles in fifty seven minutes; a steady, leisurely nine/thirty pace. I felt excellent the whole time and have had boundless energy all day! I know walking is better for you, so I try to limit myself to a maximum of three runs a week. I know it will be better for me in the long haul. It is my goal to take good care of my body.

The sun has been playing peek-a-boo all day, and now has vanished behind some rain clouds. I should like to go out again tomorrow, given that it will not rain!

Best wishes for sunshine,



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