Sweet little niece. She is currently eight weeks, although this photo was taken when she was about six weeks I believe.

Isn’t she beautiful?
Or, is that too cliche.. I feel obligated to partiality. Don’t most aunts?

Something God has gently brought to my attention over and over again this short lived year is the complete lack of community in my life. I am undoubtedly that ‘one’ isolated follower of Christ, one with good intentions and a pure heart, but none the less alone. I seem to be quick to fall under the slightest pressure, and fast to give up when fronted with the slightest intimidation. I notice that I am incredibly weak left to my own devices, and terribly unfocused. I look in the mirror and see a tired girl, letting her ‘dreams’ and ‘passions’ slip away with the ever changing wind. This girls is in dire need of rest.
Life is so rich and beautiful yet I have been running from it, almost avoiding. It hurts so much. I may have said this on here before, I don’t remember, but the Lord has allowed me to endure a difficult past three years. A tough season twas 2010, 2011 and 2012. I sense a trend, and have regrettably concluded that 2013 is assuming to maintain the pattern..

But anyway, back to what I was saying about community;
If God intentionally created me in His likeness (Gen. 1:26) and God existing in this devine triune nature, it has become clearly evident to me that, although my personal connection/relationship with God is of utmost importance, community is extremely vital to fully experiencing God, and is a very powerful way to exercise His commandment to act in love (building one another up, standing together, praying for others). Community is a lifestyle to God; an unbreakable connection maintained by love, commitment and devotion.
The enemy loves to destroy relationships. The fall of men, the first thing that was ruined was our relationship with God. Do you recognize how he divides and conquers? Do you see how we suffer under this lack of unity?
I am guilty of allowing prejudice to build their walls on the tender foundation of my susceptible heart (James 2:9). But these walls are suffocating me and I want room to breathe. I seem to hold onto past hurts and sew them in my mind, only to reap bitterness and unforgiveness; the two most powerful weapons against community.

I admit I have avoided going to a trendy college bible study, afraid of finding bunch of silly trendy hipsters. But I am just going to have to find a place to connect! I must!

John 17:20-26


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