I have a wealth of sight, I am rich in speech

I sleep well at night, I grace Limbs of mobility.

I suffer some wants,

But have been supplied all of my needs

I’ve been spared tragic loss

I admit, undeservedly.

I pitifully squander my time in vain

in longing, desire, and bitter complaints.

Wicked conceit, and selfish ambition

overcome me when I’m weak, all reason I refuse to listen.

Truly my pride is paving way for my fall

what motivates this nonsense is my strive for perfection in this broken world.

In Ecclesiastes there is a song

which promises a time for everything under the sun.

Though my sadness is real and my hurts sting true

I cannot deny the hope that these present wrongs  Will be recycled to something new.

So I remember my gems I have found

The immeasurable value in sight and in sound.

I stride ever freer, and trot with more grace

Knowing the immense treasure in such simple things.

I don’t expect to go through life unscarred,

but I pray gratitude and patience will eventually master my untamed heart.

I aim for perfection and miss continually

But what do I expect, striving for such a shallow thing.

It is neither uncommon nor courageous

to live your life fighting to pose notably unblemished.

It is impossible yet I’m so desperate

to achieve unrealistic mortal perfection.

As a rose in May blooms after tribulation of frost

 I assume such a grace to forgive all the time I have lost.

As  cheerfully she greets the new season with gladness

So I strive to adopt such merriment in exchange for sadness.


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