To Whom It May Concern.

(  A poem I composed for someone I haven’t met yet. )


I hope I captivate you with my beauty,

I hope I inspire you to cherish and protect me.

I believe in your strength, I am proud of your courage,

You’re far better to me than I will ever deserve.

I hope you’re in love with my bright blue eyes

I hope you will learn how to make me laugh when I’m crying.

I hope I’m the best friend you’ll ever find

I can’t wait for out lives to begin together; voyage on side by side.

This bond I desire from you my dear partner

Is a three way commitment between you, me and the Father.

I don’t not want a performance or self-righteous man,

I’m not in want of constant affirmation, or lust for romance.

I don’t have room in my life for pretty words or promises

But rather a true man who acts with conviction instead.

One who is whole, brave and well grounded

Who will stand for Truth and be a light to those around him.

With ravenous passion for living, a pure zeal for love

But not selfish or unruly, but selfless and just.

Such noble character, you can’t manufacture.

Integrity is the lost art I seek vehemently after.

A man who can ‘love’ is not hard to find,

But one with character to restrain and resist a ‘good time‘.

I won’t expect perfection, if you’ll except who I am.

I’ll work desperately everyday to be the best that I can.

Please know that you’re asking for the most costly of things;

my dedication and affection and most importantly

My pure, tender heart, fragile in every way

please handle with care, and try your hardest not to break.

Be gentle and kind, and honest, never lie.

Then forever you’ll be mine, I always be at your side.

I so deeply desire to bring you joy and light

But even more importantly I long  for God to be foremost in your life.

All goodness grows and strong character forms

From obedience to His word and perseverance through the thorns.

I want to be with you through the thick and through the thin.

I want to be alongside you through the rough, holding your hand.

I want you to love God more than you can ever love me

So that the fullness of His joy pours out from you onto me.

I will seek diligently for balance and fight restlessly for peace.

May our home  be your palace, and my arms your favorite place to be.

I do want you to love me with desire and passion

Pursue me and treat me with faithfulness and compassion.

I give you my heart gladly if you can promise to me

That you’ll always place God before anything.


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