God's Heartbeat

To my dearest and most cherished companion,

This morning I rudely disturbed you from your slumber with an urgent plea to view the sunrise with me. Oh how I wish I had forced you out of the pleasing comfort of your cozy haven! The trek to the top of the hill was, I most assuredly convince you, a trail and a pain, embellished with an unnecessary chill along with his faithful friends, Ms. Cold, Mr. Relentless, Mr. Bitterness and Ms. Wind.

The beast and I walked briskly with eager determination and great merriment toward our cheerful destination. Claude was harmoniously barreling alongside me; the two of use always move in perfect stride. Despite his endearing obedience and uncompromised devotion, he put no effort in hiding his early morning fuzziness and inconsolable confusion (not to mention being very awkwardly unaware of his sloppy footwork or the shivering pavement which he sauntered).

I saw another glimpse of the marvelous rouge tempting me through the blackish tree tops. The marvelous Rudy skies flaunted her regal glow and at that torment we broke swiftly into a steady trot. Claude glanced up toward me with gentle remorse, and I longed to pause and stroke is honest face and soothe is ever beating heart, but time was passing faster than I could run and the thought of missing the color show just atop the nearing ‘mountain’ flogged my ever beating heart with disappointment and grief. Rest assured, dear Jenny, once we reached the apex of our righteous climb sympathy was shared and apologies exchanged.

Now finally! At the top! Peeking out from behind a neighboring barn, the treasure I search all weary morn (about five to six minutes total). There in front of me was a beautiful display of the very heartbeat of God, pulsing o’er the dim and weary earth. A soft whispering powder blue chased away the receding black, catching the remaining stars as the black faded to nothingness. Brilliant purples caught up to the blue; transparent, crystal like, like a bleeding amethyst. God’s heartbeat grew strong and more ravenous for life and bled into the sky dying the canvas a marvelous array of red and pink; the most passionate expression of love I’ve ever seen.

By now all darkness has been chased away by The Light. Shadows and sleepiness of past hours have long since faded. The earth yawns and I breathe in deeply the glory of the sun now rising, and welcomes today’s newness and forget the dust of yesterday’s toil. The radiant golden light from morning’s crown silently proclaimed the beginning of a new day. New hope. Another chance. A new start.

I will never tire from this sight. As mundane as it may be, or as ordinary as it may seem, it is one of the most indescribable beauties nature has for us. One of the most beautiful gifts God made for us.
I can’t wait to see heaven.

p.s. This photo was taken from the same spot described in my story, but only a year prior. In other words, this photo is not of today’s sunrise.


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