– January 30, 2013 –

A drastic change in weather today. We’ve had a series of cold days this past week, week and a half, then today it was that of warm tropical storm. I walk almost everyday, but I was especially eager to trek ye old farmland today. I wore a lovely purple dress; shot sleeved, about mid-shin length. It fit so handsomely, I was happily dressed. There was an inconsistant trickle of rain water, so I brought my umbrella along. The wind was fierce, and threatened many times to swipe mine and Susanna’s umbrella’s right out of our hands! Luckily for us, we managed to stand up against his threats (though we did wrestle his ferocious gasps and yawns the whole length of the walk, not to mention the tension between me and my ‘flyaway’ skirt!). The thunder was quiet, though I will admit that I longed to hear his majestic roar echo in the spacious pastures surrounding me. I should have walked bare foot, but I stupidly did not. However, I did let my hair free and dance in the wind. My brown frizz lovingly absorbed the raindrops which then brought my curls back to life. I love to listen to all of the different energies during the storm; The flooded creeks crashing and splashing into one another, the wind whistling through the treetops while heavens watering can tips and spills o’r the weary earth. You hear the grounds sigh of relief, and a thunderous applaud for the symphonious harmonies played by natures own. My toes scrape against the wet asphalt and a warm puls tickles my toes. Marvelous light show above frightens me some, but mostly I’m in awe of its radiant power. Nature inthralls me so intensely. I was so pleased to walk today. To my disappointment, the local tornado siren sounded off just when we were a mile out, so I had to cut my lovely stroll mighty short and. But, I suppose, as the saying goes, Better safe than sorry.


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