Shakespearean Extraordinaire

Shakespearean Extraordinaire

“Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move, Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love (you).”
— William Shakespeare (“Hamlet”)

I like to pretend that my mind is a safe bursting with riches and treasures, such as refined Shakespearean quotes and references, precious intelligence and shimmering wit–key elements to a glorious conversation. I’d love to carry a good, thorough argument with a dark, handsom, wicked cavalier; all in a ‘shakespearean’sort of dialogue. The rich vocabulary would so greatly intensify our passionate quarrel, I believe I’d get lost in the goodness of such savory speech! I’d lose my stance and forget the offenses.

I couldn’t limit myself to only William’s literature. After all, I am a female. It would be considered a sin above all sins to not include at least some element of Jane Austen. Her comedic timing and elegant arrangement of words; I’d be undefeatable! Not even the darkest, most agonizingly handsomest of men could triumph. My fierce wit and sardonic charm would chill him immediately to the bone; his braid would freeze trying to comprehend the brilliance of my attack. He’d collapse under the weight of confusion.

The ideal situation would be an Austen foundation with Shakespearean flourishes here and there. Eloquence oozing from every fiber of my tongue.

This was a completely nonsensical post.
Today has been a nonsensical kind of day.

Wasn’t Jean Simmions a lovely Ophelia?


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