Fertile Soil.

I’ve been dreadfully downcast this weekend.

There is something so sweet in having a few days to just be melancholy. Something so fulfilling in a good old fashioned cry.

Like when it rains, everything is soggy and dysfunctional. But, once the rain has fallen and the thunder has stopped stomping among the clouds, the earth is refreshed. Everything is peaceful. The muddy ground starts to settled back into place. Hope start to grow and will eventually bloom.

Contentment is the fertile soil which nurtures peace, love and joy in your soul.

Dear Skylar,

Bloom Where You’re Planted. It won’t be raining forever. Remember how refreshing it is to breakdown every once in a while. Lose control for just a small second. Each time you break down gives God another opportunity to build you up even stronger than before.

Someday your repairs will be few and far between. Image


Common Sense.


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