Wholeness Lord, Wholeness.

Wholeness Lord, Wholeness.

I continued to prepare my grounds for spring plantings today. I expect to begin sewing this coming week.
My prayer is for a bountiful harvest. I beautiful crop. Too often I rush through the process and half heartedly plant things, or set baby plants out to soon. There is an undeniable haste in my blood that I am determined to conquer. I do see the humor in my interests being in that of the botanical world; I am undoubtedly the queen of impulse, seated on the thrown of impatience. God knew ahead of time that I’d need a hobby to counter balance that dominate characteristic.

I just completed the Anne of Green Gables mini series for the one hundredth time! At each reunion I seem to compare more and more similarly with the Heroine. I feel her thoughts almost as though they were my own. I sobbed relentlessly during the scene in which Gil runs into Anne in Kingsport. His agony, her regret; the passion was all in words left unsaid. My tears were unruly tonight, for moments later I cried even harder during the scene when Anne throws herself into Murilla’s open arms upon return from Kingsport. I felt her homesickness, her longing to be in a familiar place, her joy to be in Murilla’s arms once again. To be back where she belonged.
I haven’t even left yet and I already can’t wait to be back.

“…its not what the world holds for you, its what you bring to it.” ~ ‘ Anne Shirley ‘

Moment by moment, day by day, breath by breath my heart will stay; I will stay where You’ve planned, I will bloom where I’ve been planted.

Hour by hour, night by night my hearts questions wonder aimlessly in fright. Fear of the unknown, I let you go. Taunt not another, Father kiss these wounds of old.

Moment by moment, breath by breath, I long to know what you have planned. I’ve sought out adventure, made schedules and plans, All for wholeness’ sake, wholeness Lord, will my searching leave me empty instead? – Skylar

My photo from 2011.


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