Lily Among Thorns

Lily Among Thorns

Pure as a snow kissed lily, bold as an autumn mum, Yet soft as a summer rose, like a spring crocus innocent and young. Fair beneath the winter clouds, skin flawless as porcelain. During the summer when the sun come comes out, her smile glows a golden grin. He heart is lost in her thoughts, a world of ideals and things to achieve, such as going out to explore the world and be a founder of a great discovery. Lily is regal, quiet and serene, but underneath the stillness lives and ocean of hopes and dramatic dreams. There is a standard by which each woman should live, and things a woman should want. Lily is good, but longs to be wicked and go against everything she was taught. She’d never wreck a single soul, and has no desire to be harmful. Her wickedness isn’t dark, but it is her view of society that is numb and stark. With everything she has inside she longs to rebel and live her own life. Her contemporaries will voice their opinion and out of respect she sits and listens. But when she is in her bed alone at night, she is often tempted to pack her things and take flight. Her heart burns at the thought of being enslaved forever to housekeeping and mothering sitting indoors no matter the weather. Common sense always prevails the battle in her mind. So to the garden she escapes to let her passions and dreams run wild. Lily you have a beautiful soul, and your passion is vibrant and real. Please don’t settle for the dull routine life, forgetting how to feel. Society will bark and yell and threaten you with blades. Stay calm and poised, with bouquet of skill and go walk against the waves.


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