Night Run

Night Run

My heartbeat echo in a tunnel of trees. I pick up my pace to run through the dark quickly. The moon isn’t out, the stars are hidden. Its just me and the darkness, but I’m not afraid of him. We’ve actually become very good friends, I like his quiet presence rather than the galre from the sun. This song in my heart beats louder and louder, my stride feels week so I push harder and harder. The cool night air wells up in my lungs, I breathe out then in again, making sure I keep in time. The air is icy and the ground is wet, its getting late, I know I should be in bed. I feel so alive! So full of delight! That special kind of joy that comes with running at night. I press on pass two miles, then run straight on through three. By the fourth mile I am gliding effortlessly. No pain in my side, so ache in my back. My shoes feel nice and tight, I give this run all I have. My face flushes pink and is cold to the touch. My hands were freezing, but by now discomfort is all forgot. I feel my muscles working, the burning in my core. I love the stretch in my leg when I’m trekking up a hill. I’d like to go on forever, and never ever go back home, but I know I make mom nervous being out here alone. I ran with the dark and sang with the night. Now it is time for me to rest my eye, so farewell and sleep tight -Skylar
(I do not own this photo!)


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