First Day Of Spring.

First Day Of Spring.

January 12, 2013;
Today was the first day of spring. The ground was spongy, the sky was a little misty and I could almost feel the new life pulsing under the ground. All of the birds were out flying around, and once the rain stopped, I was out there joining them in song. The calendar marks March 20 as the first day of spring but today was undoubtedly the first day.
Usually I don’t like it when my seasons get jumbled up (warm in january, frost in april, etc…happens almost regularly). Today was the only exception. It was a productive day. With the help from Eli, I demolished one of my old flower beds. Together we raked and shoveled the dirt from the old bed into a new one. While leveling the ground in the new bed I found some partially sprouted crocus bulbs. That was exciting for sure, but now today I have to replant them. Its ok, I’ll take any excuse to dig around in the mud again. 🙂
Realistically, this is just a warm front. This is just a phase. This wonderful weather I’ve been posting about will go away.
But that is what this blog is for: To relish things while they last.


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